5 Way Connectors

Model Connection
3 Way 1*
4 Way 1*
5 Way 1*


Connector is one of the accessories provided by BDS Engineering. Our 1995 established and New Delhi based manufacturing company provides this accessory needed for joining water pump and pipe. This is easy to install and use component that is used in plumbing applications. As the installation time and effort is minimized, it also saves labor cost.

We have used brass in the making of these connectors, the reasons being the properties. This brass connector is strong, tough, conductive and machinable. It comes with added durability, as it is resistant to corrosion and chloramine. An easy to machine, tough and corrosion resistant brass is used in the making. This brass is alloyed with zinc, copper and lead. A team of engineers work together to produce connectors along with other accessories we make available. All work that goes into the making is carried out in-house, making use of advanced technology.

We make these connectors available in three models, 3 way, 4 way and 5 way. Customers can contact us and select between the three, as searching for right connector anywhere else can be a real hassle. You can cut the drive from store to store right away by connecting with us. Not only we give options in this product, but also ensure material quality, easy installation and longer life of this part. We can serve customers in India as well as Nepal.