Bladders For Pressure Tanks

The bladders for pressure tanks are made of a compound for products intended for contact with drinking water or for water to be conditioned. The white-cream colored com-pound is made up of a mixture of NATURAL RUBBER, natural mineral fillers, mineral white oil refined for pharmaceutical use, physiologically harmless pigments and non-toxic vulcanizers. The maximum working temperature is 60°C. By request, we can supply black bladders in EPDM – synthetic rubber – (ethylen/poly-propylene) resistant until a temperature of 90°C and in BUTYL – butyl synthetic rubber, whose resistance reaches 100°C. Hardness: 40 ±5 SH

BDS Engineering can be a trusted partner for those in search for bladders for pressure tanks. Our 1995 established and New Delhi based company serves clients in India and Nepal with world-class product. It is because of the rubber bladder that the tank is named water bladder pressure tank. The bladder works by separating water and pressurized air. The volume of air in the bladder tank depends upon the water pressure. A service person must always measure the amount of air in the tank, and recharge the tank in case of low air. The water leaving the water tank drops the water pressure in the tank. The water tank apart from being connected to water supply, is also connected water pump that fills the water in the water tank again.

To suit pressure tanks of different capacities, we have bladders for pressure tanks in sizes. Because of its easy availability, users do not need to worry at times of bladder replacement in their pressure tanks. Each offered bladder fits a specific capacity of pressure tank. So, customers based on their pressure tank can find the right rubber bladder. This brings the air and water pressure to normal levels.