Cutter Pump

The sewage cutter pump is designed with silicon steel sheet made motor that has been produced by using cold rolled processing method. Copper wire of its motor ensures its reliable operation. This energy efficient motor is also equipped with in built protection arrangement that mechanically cuts of power supply during overheating condition. Stainless steel shaft of this sewage cutter pump is anti rust treated. Double mechanical seal and ergonomic bearing of this pumping solution guarantee about its standard quality. Its control cabinet enables this pump to identify the source of leakage. Non clog type structure, low maintenance cost, ease of installation, rigid body and space saving design are its main characteristics.


Dirty water Pump with Cutter system

Performance Range

Flow rate up to 300l/min.[18m/3h]
Head up to12m

Operation Limits

Maximum operating depth 5m below water level
Maximum fluid temperature up to 40°C
Maximum passage for suspended solids 10mm
PH value in water: 4-10
Maximum fluid density: 1.2*103Kg/m3

Working Performance

V Pumps are submersible vortex pump for dirty water, designed mainly for domestic use and industrial use. Their operating principle is that of a centrifugal pump with a retracted vortex impeller. A large size ring chamber with a threaded delivery opening is machined in the pump body and closed by a cover, housing the suction opening, which is shaped to prevent suspended solids over a certain size from entering the pump. Since the impeller is retracted with respect to the cover, water entering the front chamber lying between these two components assumes a vortex motion and is centrifuged in to the ring chamber leaving the pump via the delivery opening.

Pump Installation and Application

V pumps are designed to lift dirty water which is not chemically aggressive to the pump components. In all cases where suspended solids up to 35mm have to be dealt with. Recommended applications therefore include draining flooding in confined areas such as basements and garages also pumping domestic waste and the disposal of waste water containing fibers matter and are also widely used in many factories. These pumps are easy to install and dependable when used automatically in fixed installations. This system with float switch automatically starts the pump when the fluid reaches a pressure level, stopping it once the fluid has been emptied. Installing a suitable non return valve on the delivery pipe prevents reverse flow when the pump stops.

Structure Characteristics

Stainless steel: Pump body
Stainless steel: mechanical seal
Stainless steel: shaft
Cast iron impeller with cutter

Model Pump Power
Q M3/h
0 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24
Single Phase, Three Phase KW HP L/min 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400
V1100D(F) V1100D 1.1 1.5 H 7 6.7 6.2 5.4 4.3 2.8 / / /
V1300D(F) V1300D 1.3 1.75 M 12 10.6 10 8.5 6.5 4.4 2 / /
V1800D(F) V1800D 1.8 2.5
10 9.5 8.8 8 7 5.9 4.8 3.5 2.8