Damon Submersible Pumps

Model Input Power (W) Max. Flow (m3/h) Max. Head (m)
ECO 40 400 9 5
ECO 75 750 13.5 8
ECO 110 1100 16.5 9.5
ECO SS 75 750 13.5 8



Offered pumping systems are used for transferring of sewage water that contains waste particles and solid substances. These centrifugal type pumps are suitable for pumping industrial, domestic and municipality sewage water. These are equipped with necessary components like cast iron made motor, steel made filter, rubber and steel made handle. The motor is mounted on ductile iron made bottom plate having chrome alloy plated surface. The cold silicon steel made stator of these pumps is rust proof. Advanced water protection mechanism of these low maintenance and cost effective pumps prevents entrance of water inside its core motor part of cable joint section.

These use separate chamber for installation of its ball bearing. The motor of these pumps is safeguarded against moisture and leakage. The automatic protector of their motor mechanically cut off power supply during over current or over heating condition to optimize safety of operators and machines. Their motor contains auxiliary impeller to maintain balance of outer pressure of their oil cavity section. Required width of their flow channel promotes trouble free passing of water. Simple to install, these submersible pumping solutions are acknowledged for their latest mechanism, simple installation method, space saving look, rigid body, low noise operation and corrosion proof structure.

Submersible Pumps

DAMON dirty Water Submersible pumps with open impeller are suitable to lift waste liquids even with suspended solids. Max. Free passage of Grain size up to Ø 30 mm.


DAMON submersible draining pumps is suitable for automatic fixed domestic applications and for draining cellars and garages subject to flooding, also particularly useful as a portable pump for emergencies such as draining waste from tanks or rivers, emptying muddy swimming pools, fountains or excavations and subways. These pumps can lift liquids even with suspended solids in sewage water from septic tank. Level float switch offers permanent and automatic pump operation.


  • Flow rate up to 275 I/min.(16.5m3/h)
  • Head up to 9.5 m


  • Fluid temperature up to 35°C
  • Maximum ambient temperature 40°C


  • Pump body, Impeller: Noryl
  • Impeller: Noryl
  • Shaft with rotor: Superior Steel
  • Mechanical seal: carbon–ceramics.
  • TYPE Con galleggiante with float switch


  • Built-in overload motor protector with automatic reset
  • Permanent split capacitor
  • Protection IP 68