Float Switch


The float switch is application in all those cases where it is necessary to control the level of non-aggressive liquids, both in civil and industrial facilities (wells, cisterns, cesspools, sewers). Has a high resistance to most acids and bases mineral up to 10% concentration. The housing of the float is made of polypropylene copolymer: it is impact resistant, suitable for contact with food and nickable by solvents at room temperature. Degree of protection to "CEI 64-8" - IP 67 (immersion up to 20 meters). Maximum operating temperature: 70 ° C. Cable lengths available: 0.5 to 20 m (different lengths on request). The neoprene cable H07 RN-F 3 × 1 mm is IMQ and TÜV approved. The counterweight, if required, must be ordered separately.

Float switch is another accessory provided by BDS Engineering, a manufacturing and exporting company in 1995.This switch can be used as an economical alternative to continuous level sensors. It is suitable to all applications that demand level measurement. This switch is applicable in both, residential and industrial applications. Industries that uses this switch are chemical processing and storage, fuel management, lubrication equipment, marine applications, medical equipment, food processing equipment, heavy construction equipment, waste water treatment equipment, diesel fuel /oil tank and transfer systems, oil/water separators, etc.

Working & Applications of Float Switches

It does the work to activate and trigger a desired response, when the maximum/ minimum level is reached. Float switch is majorly used for opening or closing or circuit when the liquid level rises or falls. This level sensor efficiently detects the liquid level in the tank. The purposes of using this switch can be different, for instance:

  • Controlling pump
  • Controlling other devices
  • As an indicator
  • As an alarm

This switch can also be used in sump pump or condensate pump, where it works to detect the liquid rising level in sump/ tank and energizes an electric pump to reduce the liquid level by pumping the liquid out. Other applications of float switch are:

  • Pump or valve control
  • Cistern
  • Fuel tank
  • Coolant tank
  • Water storage
  • Pump