Moplen Submersible Pump

BLAIRS dirty Water Submersible pumps with open impeller are suitable to lift waste liquids even with suspended solids. Pumps have been developed with the most advanced and sophisticated engineering and it has the possibility to operate also if partially submerged. The total absence of screws and motor cover in stainless steel one of the most technological advanced pumps available in the market. Max. Free passage of Grain size up to Ø 30 mm.

Model Input Power (W) Max. Flow (m3/h) Max. Head (m)
MSP 400 400 9 6
MSP 750 750 13.5 8

  •  H= Total Head in Meters
  • Q= Flow Rate


Offered submersible pump is preferred for its non clog based structure. Rubber made double mechanical seal located between motor and pump ensures its high leakage protection capacity. Rubber made O ring seal of this pump can easily transfer weak acid containing sewage water. Known for its low operating cost, this pump uses advanced sensor to avoid leakage. Overheat protection arrangement of its motor enables this system to stop its operation by sending signal. Acknowledged for its low maintenance design, this submersible pump does not require any separate pump house or flood protection wall for its installation. Quick to set up, this low noise pump has long working life.

BLAIRS Sewage submersible Pumps are ideal for pumping drainage water, sewage or waste water or nuisance water. These pumps are outstanding for their reliability in fixed installations with automatic operation. Exceptional sturdiness even under severe working conditions also featured by its long durability and safety with stable performance curves


BLAIRS Sewage submersible pump is extensively used in dirty water, designed mainly for industrial and civil fields, sewers, galleries, excavation sites, wells, channels, underground car parks and architectural operations. They are also recommended for draining dirty water in domestic and civil sectors.

BLAIRS submersible draining pumps is suitable for automatic fixed domestic applications and for draining cellars and garages subject to flooding, also particularly useful as a portable pump for emergencies such as draining waste from tanks or rivers, emptying muddy swimming pools, fountains or excavations and subways. These pumps can lift liquids even with suspended solids in sewage water from septic tank. Level float switch offers permanent and automatic pump operation.

BLAIRS Sewage submersible pumps are allowed to pump liquids containing suspended solid bodies with dimensions up to 35 mm and short fibers. Pumps are made of hard alloy and reliably well-sealed and equipped with overheat & overload protection devise,

  • CSCP (Cast-iron Sewage double-channel) Pump is equipped with a double-channel impeller.
  • CSVP (Cast-iron Sewage vortex Pump) Pump is equipped with a VORTEX pumps.


  • Flow rate up to 1083 I/min. (65m3/h)
  • Head up to 30 m


  • Fluid temperature up to 40°C
  • Maximum ambient temperature 40°C
  • Maximum operating depth 8m below water level
  • Maximum passage for Grain size inlet Ø 35 mm
  • Motor Housing: Cast iron
  • Pump Body: Cast iron
  • Impeller: Cast iron
  • Motor Shaft: stainless steel
  • Mechanical seal: Stainless steel/Ceramic - Graphite,
  • Insulation: Class F
  • Protection: Ip68
  • Electric motor: Single-phase 220V - 50Hz with capacitor and thermal overload protector, three phases Voltage fluctuation for 10% more or less is allowed.