Pressure Switches

The switch controls the pump working automatically and makes it work between the minimum and maximum setting values: at the minimum setting value, the electric contacts close and start the motor; at the maximum value, they open and stop the motor.

This kind of switch provided by BDS Engineering under accessories section is used in manufacturing and other industrial sectors. This switch is also called as pressure sensor, it measures the rise or fall in pressure. It is possible to adjust the switch to selected point of operation. This versatile switch is apt for simplest to complicated and advanced systems. Customers when buying pressure switch from BDS Engineering can be assured of the quickest, consistent and more dependable response of the function. If this is not the kind of pressure switch you want, please take your time to contact us, as our team will work to make you available the desired switch.

The two basic functions of pressure switch in any system are as follows:

  • Monitoring the pressure
  • Controlling the pressure

Applications of Pressure Switches

There are many applications which require immediate response when the per-dertermined pressure level reaches. It is used in systems that use pressurized fluids:

Switching high currents, like pumps and drives

  • Gas compressors
  • Well water pumps
  • HVAC equipment
  • Process equipment