SHYMS Diaphragm Pressure Tanks provide an efficient cycling to optimal control of pump performance to extending the life of the pump. All materials in contact with water are approved by NSF, IAMPO listing. The diaphragm and liner are both reinforced in specific wear areas for longer life, high-grade, cold rolled steel for an optimal strength to weight ratio. All internal parts including the air valve are rounded to prevent piercing of the diaphragm in extreme conditions. Tanks are quality tested at several stages on the production line to insure the structural integrity of every tank.

Diaphragm Pressure Tanks


SHYMS tanks are ideally suited fora wide range of applications including:

1. Air conditioning
2. Booster systems
3. Firefighting
4. Green power solar water heater Hydraulic hammer arresting Irrigation systems
5. Thermal expansion


Technical Specifications:

1. ce Maximum Working Pressure 145 psi / 10bar
2. cp. Maximum Working Temperature 200° F/90° C cb- Standard Pre-charge 30 psi
3. 2 Maintenance free
4. cr NSF Standard 61/ UPC, CE B+C1, ISO 9001 Approved cr. Single diaphragm design
5. cp. Comprehensive testing