Single Vane Sewage Pump

BLAIRS Single vane stainless steel submersible sewage pump for professional use. particularly efficient and reliable in fixed installations with automatic operation with general motor specification and hard-faced mechanical seal. pump are highly efficiency pumps for professional use & built completely in stainless steel. They are extremely reliable and suitable for continuo's duty. Single vane impeller is mounted on the end of the drive shaft and enclosed in a large ring chamber framed by the pump body and the base. The suction opening is direct with the liquid to be pumped. The rotating impeller which is centrifuged in the ring chamber transmits kinetic energy to the water; kinetic energy is transformed into pressure energy. The particular shape of the impeller optimizes efficiency. Max. Free passage of Grain size up to Ø 50 mm.


BLAIRS single vane submersible sewage pump is designed to handle dirty water for pumping liquids containing suspended solids, including short fibers and sewage in domestic and civil applications. It is particularly recommended for the transfer of water mixed with mud in areas such as: domestic housing, industrial applications and underground car parks. in a purposely built pit with minimum dimensions 500x500x500 mm is recommended for fixed installations to give total drainage and to allow correct operation of the automatic float switch.


  • Flow rate up to 500 I/min. (30m3/h)
  • Head up to 12 m


  • Fluid temperature up to 50 °C
  • Maximum operating depth 5m below water level
  • Maximum passage for Grain size inlet Ø 30 mm


  • Pump body: Stainless steel
  • Single vane Impeller: Stainless steel.
  • Motor sleeve: Stainless steel
  • Motor base: Stainless steel
  • Motor shaft: Stainless steel.
  • Mechanical Seal: Double mechanical seal silicon carbide on the pump side and sealing ring on the motor side (with barrier oil chamber to lubricate and cool the sealing surfaces in the absence of water).


  • Designed for continuous duty, even with the pump partially submerged (min.250mm).
  • Neoprene H07 RN-F submerged supply cable.
  • Construction and safety standards in compliance with EN 60 335-1(IEC 335-1, CE61-150) EN 60034-1(IEC 34-1, CEI 2-3).
  • Type: Con galleggiante with float switch
  • Built-in overload motor protector with automatic reset is incorporated in the single phase model.
  • Permanent split capacitor
  • Insulation: Sealed induction motor with double impregnated class F winding (ensuring extended motor life and wide range of use) Protection IP 68

Pump ModelPower
0 3.0 6.0 1 12 15 18 21 24 30

KW HP 1/min 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 500
SVS 75 0.55 0.75 H (m) 9 8 6.5 5 2.5 1

SVS 100 0.75 1   10 8.7 7.5 6.5 5.6 4.8 3.9 2

SVS 150 1.1 1.5   12 10.7 9.5 8.7 7.8 6.8 5.9 4.3 3 1
  • H= Total Head in Meters
  • Q= Flow Rate